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Nikos & Brent Here! We can do it WITH You Or FOR You!

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We Do It For You

100% DONE FOR YOU SERVICE Want to enjoy high ROI and explosive growth while focusing on your key strengths? Let us set up and manage your entire e-commerce store for you!

1-on-1 Mentorship

Want us to mentor you personally to help you scale your business? We turn you into the expert

Ad Account Audit

Get quick, easy-to-implement, personalized strategies to double your ROI in 60 minutes. Simple yet effective tweaks can take your ads to the next level


Live Everyday To Help That One Person Who Needed It The Most!

Owning Several E-Commerce Store Over The Past Decade We've Seen A Thing Or Two!
We want to give back to those people looking to find success in owning their own e-commerce stores!

We have designed our programs to give back, over delivering as much as possible.

Let us help you achieve something special!

Why Choose Us

Conversion Rate Optimization

We Test EVERYTHING! Get the latest results and implement them on your stores for instant boosts to your Conversion Rate

Back Office Management

Having the right support and systems will make or break a company. Our multi-step growth approach will have your customer service and finances in proper order

Professional Team

We have hand pick and personally train each and every media buyer, customer service rep and social media manager we hire. Our team is as good as it can get without doing it ourselves.

Top Materials

Entrepreneurial spirit, which aims to change our industry’s approach to building, one project at a time

Facebook Ads Management

By Choosing The Done For You program you will get us to do the implement the latest most cutting edge ad strategies around.

We are Passionate

We genuinely LOVE WHAT WE DO! it will show, it's in how we speak, think and react to the events happening to you and your e-commerce store. We hope it's infectious!

Proprietary Apps And Tools

We Have Developed Shopify Apps That We Needed To Run Our E-Commerce Stores. You get access by simply working with us! We also developed spreadsheets, mini-fulfillment tools and other systems that make running a store more efficient. You will be AMAZED at the stuff we have!

What's Working NOW!

We SHOW you what is working, how you can do it too and what to keep an eye on to make sure it continues. This alone will double your ROI. Stop wasting time on outdated methods, 3 months ago we changed our entire approach to ads and have flipped our ROAS by 3000%... That's the stuff we share